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  2. huaqing products

    We sincerely welcome new and old customers to join hands with us and create brilliant!

    Focus on quality, technical innovation, integrity cooperation, win-win

    Adhere to continuous improvement, innovation and pursuit of excellence, adhere to the customer expectations of high quality, preferential prices, first-class service as the standard

    The advantages of large enterprises let you choose at ease
    It is a professional foundry machinery manufacturer with scientific research, design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning and consulting services

    Industry experience, strong strength
    Reasonable price, to win the unanimous approval of customers!

    Company areaAn area of 30000 square meters, construction area of 25,000 square meters, production, testing equipment.he company has 240 employees, including more than 40 technicians, and has been engaged in the industry for decades, providing equipment and technical services for thousands of customers. ABOUTPRODUCT

    Coronation of honor, quality assurance
    Reasonable price, to win the unanimous approval of customers!

    According to the companyIOS9001:2015Standards establish an international quality systemTo "dedicated service to customer satisfaction" for the quality purpose, to"Hongcheng mechanical users in the heart of the brand "for the quality goal, adhere to continuous improvement, innovation pursuit of excellence CONTACTCASE

    With stable quality extremely low return rate
    Reasonable price, to win the unanimous approval of customers!

    Sand mixing equipment includes:Roller type, rotor type. Products for your choice, and can be designed according to user needs, manufacturing a variety of efficient shot blasting cleaning equipment.According to the user needs to design and manufacture a variety of non - standard special casting ABOUTPRODUCT

    Quality for survival, innovation for development

    • Quality for survival, innovation for development,Management and benefit creation, professional casting brand, service to win the market;
    • Gather a group ofExcellent product r&d personnel and efficient service team, one-to-one tracking service;
    • Adopt complete and feasible marketing planning and practice,We try our best to establish a long-term friendly win-win relationship with customers.

    Company established by IOS9001:2015 standard international quality system, in order to "service molded user satisfaction" as the quality objective, to "macro cheng machinery users brand in the heart" as the quality objectives, adhere to continuous improvement, innovation, the pursuit of excellence, adhere to user expectations are superior quality, favorable price and first-class service as the standard.



    Yancheng HuaQing machinery co., LTD. (formerly three casting machine technical cooperation enterprise) is a collection of scientific research, design, manufacture, installation and debugging and consulting services in casting machinery specialized in the production of integrated enterprise, the company has assets of more than 2500 ten thousand yuan, covers an area of 30000 square meters, construction area of 25000 square meters, existing staff 230 people, engineering technical personnel 40 people.
    The main products of the company are: drum type, rotary table type, crawler type, single hook type, double hook type, multi-hook chain type, automatic passing type, liquefied gas cylinder, acetylene bottle special cleaning equipment. Sand mixing equipment: roller type, rotor type products for you to choose and buy, and can be designed according to user needs, manufacturing a variety of efficient shot blasting cleaning equipment. According to the user needs to design and manufacture a variety of non - standard special casting machinery. The product structure and business scope are developing into diversification, serialization and collectivization, which are sold to more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions and exported to Japan, myanmar and other countries and regions./div>


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    huaqing Case



    The working principle and application of the settling chamber of the dust collector of shot blasting machine

    The settling chamber of the duster of the shot blasting machine is one of the earliest dust collecting facilities, which is the oldest and simplest dust collecting device. Its working principle is that when the dust gas into a large settling chamber, because the settling chamber's cross-sectional area is much larger than the suction pipe, so the shot-blasting machine dust gas flow rate is greatly reduced, the flow rate can be reduced by 10 ~ 20 times. During the period of dust gas passing through the settling chamber, the larger dust particles in the settling chamber have enough time to settle under the action of gravity, and the purified dust gas is discharged from the other end of the settling chamber. Since the settling chamber is a kind of dust collecting device that USES gravity to make dust settle naturally, it is also called gravity settling chamber or settling chamber for short. The settling chamber of the duster of shot blasting machine has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, small energy consumption, small pressure loss, simple maintenance and management, and can directly deal with high concentration dust-containing gas. However, its huge size and low dust collection efficiency are its fatal shortcomings. In the past, the settling chamber was mainly used in industry to collect dust particles of >40um, or to pre-collect dust in the multi-stage dust collection system. It is not impossible to use the settling chamber for collecting fine dust, but it covers a surprisingly large area. The dust collector system of the shot blasting machine generally takes the settling chamber as the pre-dedusting device of the bag filter, and filters the coarse dust particles in advance to reduce the burden of the bag filter and reduce the wear of dust on the bag.
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